Field X Milltag

February 5th 2015


Designed by ourselves, and produced by Milltag, purveyors of top quality cycling kit. Initial Pre-orders must be in before Monday 9th February to be delivered mid March, with a second run scheduled for May.

Really fast turn around on this initial pre-order to receive the kit in time for spring and it’s official release at the Berlin bike show on the 20th - 22nd March.  

Field ‘Race’ jersey £80 + P&P
Club fit, Coolplus body, Lycra ‘Power Cuffs’, elastane collar and sleeves for increased aerodynamics, full hidden zip, silicon gripper strip on hem, three rear pockets with extra hidden zip pocket and flat-lock seams for comfort.

Field ‘Race’ bib shorts  £80 + P&P
Elastane compression fabric, Eschler elite seat pad, Lycra ‘Power Cuffs’ with silicon leg gripper.

Or available as a bundle for £149 +P&P

Sizing guide for Jerseys & Bibs

Please send an email to by Monday 9th February if you’d like to be part of this initial run and we’ll keep you updated.

Lomas's 2015 season re-spray

January 26th 2015

After a really successful 2014, junior racer Lomas Wefing provided us with a great personal insight in to owning, riding and racing one of our framesets. We’ve refreshed his frame for the coming 2015 season with a fresh paint design - focusing mainly on the rear triangle – the view most people have of him! Here are his thoughts -

“First of all, it’s not just a steel a bike; it’s a hand-made, custom, Field Cycles 29er. Made in Sheffield. The Sheffield connection was decisive. I was born in Sheffield, my grandfather was a steel worker in the city and I’m named after him. I race for a Sheffield club but live in Germany. You see, it’s more than a steel bike, it’s not one thing, it’s part of a story.

The bike gets a lot of attention at races, before, during and after. Before the races, the riders in my age category look at her (bikes are always female) sideways, they can’t work it out. ‘Why isn’t he riding a shredded wheat (the weave and the hollow sound and of course when you’ve seen one shredded wheat, you’ve seen em’ all) like me?’ The fathers come over and just want to touch and ask about her. The fathers fall in love with her instantly. But mostly they don’t take her seriously as a race bike, for them it’s more nostalgic.

After the race the fathers come over to our van and want to know more technical stuff and of course prices. They’ve just seen this bike finish in front of at least 97% of the field and sometimes win. You know that feeling when people look at you as they realise you know something important that they don’t – we love that look.

I come from a family which has always stuck to the moto: if you going to do something, do it right or don’t bother. We don’t settle for mediocre, standard fair or compromises. This reflects in the choice of frame and the way I train and race.

How does it feel to be the only junior rider racing on steel in a sea of carbon? It feels absolutely great. You know that feeling when you turn up at a party with the best looking girl in town?

The bike has incredible acceleration, it’s incredibly responsive, meaning she climbs like she means it. It’s also easy to throw around underneath me on the technical descents, the weight distribution is perfect. She also absorbs sufficient shock to allow you to recover slightly on the downhills. This might sound odd, but she’s really quiet. I love the silence, the stealth of the attack is vital. In contrast, I can hear every gear change and every creek as carbon frame riders start their attacks, I hear them way before I see them, that’s not clever for racing.”

Some of Lomas’s Results from 2014 season -
— 2014 Nordrhein Westfallen XC Series overall winner U17
— Bullau Bike Marathon 1st place overall, 1st place U17 (youngest ever winner, the first British winner and the only steel bike in the race of 275 entries)
— Rodenbach MTB Time Trial – 1st place U17
— Eifel Mosel Cup MTB Marathon, 2nd pace U17, 23rd  overall from 160 (pros filled top ten places)

More photos in the gallery

David's Campagnolo Road

January 22nd 2015

David placed his deposit with us after reading Robert Penn’s book - Its All About the Bike : The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels. Asking us to fill the bicycle shaped space in his imagination with a beautifully unique and personal bike. He wanted to experience that invigorating feeling of riding something beautifully crafted just for him.

We built David a well balanced bike, both in terms of the shape of the frame and the scrutiny we have paid to the aesthetic and finish of the bike - the paint design was drawn up with a nod to the classic, we wanted to produce something that touched on a retro quality without indulging in nostalgia.

The paint is immaculately rendered with a sharp metallic in the dark blue of the front triangle and graphite grey through the rear stays. The super fine metallic ‘pops’ beautifully in sunlight, contrasting nicely with the super saturated flat orange. 

Underneath, the frameset is a mix of Columbus and Reynolds tubing with a 44mm i.d head tube flowing into the ENVE fork to keep the smooth lines going. The dropouts, brazeons and bosses are all in stainless steel, to escape the problem of corrosion and keep the frame looking fresh for many years.

This elegant build is completed with a 2015 11 speed Campagnolo Athena groupset with Thompson and Ritchey finishing kit all in silver. With contact points taken care of with the excellent Brooks Cambium C15 saddle and black leather bar tape for an all round classy and functional machine.

More photos in the gallery

Richard's Campagnolo Super Record road bike

December 20th 2014

Richard came to us for his bespoke build knowing he wanted something very special. Familiar with our past work he was very excited about what we could create him, referring to our workshop as the ‘dream factory’, set the tone and his expectation for this bike.

We built him a lively contemporary steel race bike that’s both comfortable and robust with a beautiful paint design and finish - the references for the design came from a range of sources from his own album cover - ‘Keane’s Perfect Symmetry’ right through to digital pixel camo. 

The paint work is a fantastic example of our desire to really push the aesthetic of our bikes, culminating on this build with a 50 hour process in our paintshop. We create these paint finishes using only masks, paint and patience, using absolutely no decals or transfers - stickers are for fruit, fridge doors and welding helmets, not beautiful bicycles.

On super close inspection there’s the evidence of a human hand present at every stage of production, the satisfying sight of a faint hairline paint bleed, or the brushed bronze of the head badge adding a unique identity and authenticity to each bike we build, small markers of the time and effort dedicated to our craft.

Around six months ago we received an email from Campagnolo, expressing their support and shared passion for our approach to the craft and passion evident in our beautiful framesets. This alliance meant we we’re able to source one of the first production runs of their fantastic 2015 Super Record 11 speed groupsets. On this build it was paired with Chris King and ENVE composites finishing kit which results in a full-on ‘dream factory’ build. 

Built with a mix of Reynolds and Columbus tubes with stainless steel dropouts and bosses, this bike will be enjoyed for thousands of satisfying miles. For the weight conscious, it tips the scales at a very respectable 7.5kg, but vitally it retains the beautifully balanced characteristics and ride quality unique to steel bicycles.

More photos in the gallery

Mr Tom Smith's road bike

December 3rd 2014

Tom is Field Cycle’s resident designer, creative, photographer and hawk-eyed ‘details’ man. He is responsible for the unique aesthetic of our bikes and all of the exceptional photography you see across the website.

His is one of the first bikes we built, shot on a moody autumn day out in the Peak District. It’s such an uplifting place to design, build and test our bikes. These photographs are a reminder of the absolute joy of riding a beautiful machine through the landscape on our doorstep.

Over the past 18 months this bike has been ridden around the Peak, the head badge has developed a beautiful verdigris patina as a result of the sweat, moisture and oxygen all acting on the investment cast bronze: a sure sign that Tom and his bike are regularly out in the elements. The unique way the patina acts on the bronze is nature’s own measurement of the miles covered, instead of relying on the number crunching digital total on Strava.

More photos in the gallery

Sheffield Steel Peloton

July 19th 2014

We wanted to build something special that Sheffield could be proud of to celebrate our part in the Yorkshire Festival leading upto the Tour de France in Yorkshire. This bike is the culmination of our involvement in the ’Sheffield Steel Peloton’ - part of the 100 days of Culture leading upto the Grand Depart.

We set about building a Contemporary Steel race bike, Tom drew up a fantastically celebratory paint design which John applied flawlessly, using only paint and masking. We never use any stickers and it allows us total freedom to create a vibrant, original and unique paint finishes.

The frameset uses a range of tubing from three different manufacturers. Reynolds 853 front triangle and a Columbus Life chainstays, we love these, the shape and ride quality are spot on for a bike like this. Seatstays are taken care of using S-bend Dedaccia tubes, they are made even more elegant with some additional bending and shaping. The frame uses a 44mm i.d oversized headtube, which allows the use of the curvy Whiskey Parts Co 1.125 - 1.25 tapered fork - this really complements the curves at the rear end of the frame.

The frame is fillet brazed with the fillets flawlessly polished back to give a seamless transition from tube to tube, this starts with putting a smooth neat fillet down from the torch and then carefully filing, sanding and polishing them out to an immaculately smooth seamless joint.

HED Uk kindly supplied a pair of Stinger race wheels which finish off the build of this bike beautifully. The weight of these things is incredible. We’re really pleased with this bike, its the result of each of us doing our particular bit as well as we possibly can – each taking on our own part of the process with the collective pursuit of building a beautiful object. It was great to see our hard work being noticed when we won ‘best bicycle’ at the Yorkshire Bike show held at Leeds Town Hall just hours before the peloton embarked on the Tour De France just outside.

More photos in the gallery

Ben's single speed commuter

July 15th 2014

Ben got in touch with us wanting a single speed commuter after spotting our prototype winter trainer locked up outside Bespoked Bristol. He wanted something quick and nimble that could take the abuse of a daily London commute but also serve as a sure footed winter trainer. We drew up a simple, clean and functional frameset, featuring Paragon Rockers stainless steel rear dropouts for post mount disks, and the versatility to run an internal hub gear in the future.

The tapered Whiskey Parts Co disk forks - paired to the compact Whiskey carbon bars provide a lightweight, precise and stiff front end. The forks have plenty of clearance and have very well placed bosses to neatly fit the front mudguard.

With an eye on visibility and safety we created a super bright neon paint design that’s both practical and is distinctly recognisable as a Field  

We built the frame with an I.S.P using a Ritchey seatpost topper that has been painstakingly painted along with the colour matched mudguards and a fillet brazed integrated stem. These bespoke details let’s us flow the colour all over the bike, creating a distinctive and coordinated tailored bicycle, this is a perfect example of what you get when you choose a bespoke bicycle from us - built by three humans you can talk to – each of us doing our particular part of the process as well as we possibly can.

More photos in the gallery shot on location in one of Meadowhall’s endless car parks – we couldn’t find the Meadow. Luckily the super vivid paint really pops against the grey concrete.

Dave’s road frame

April 28th 2014

Dave’s road frameset was the first frame built in our new workshop made with a mix of Reynolds 853 and Columbus Life tubing. Every contact point is stainless steel and this allows us to leave the dropouts, bosses and the front mech hanger paint free: ensuring longevity and ultimate functionality.

The frameset uses an ENVE carbon fork and a pair of Integrated Cinelli Ram bars, these handlebars give us a great opportunity to work some custom paint details into the build. The headtube is oversized 44mm and has been C.N.C machined by us to be exactly the length we need. The front end is finished off with our investment cast bronze headbadge - this will gradually develop a verdigris patina as the miles accumulate and the bronze weathers.

Finished with a suitably understated paint finish inspired by an RAF training aircraft (a DHC-1 Chipmunk to be precise), with the colour scheme complimenting the elegance of the Campagnolo Record 11 groupset.

We had the pleasure of riding with Dave on the bikes first proper miles on our local roads in the Peak – it’s always a great pleasure handing a completed bike to a customer, that pleasure is magnified when you can experience the look of satisfaction on their face as they ride their dream bike.

More photos in the gallery shot on a fantastic spring day around Derwent Reservoir. We always feel slightly uneasy saying ‘Reservoir’ with a northern accent…

John B’s road climber

April 25th 2014

This frame was built for our super talented frame painter. Built with a fillet brazed construction with a mix of Reynolds 853 and Columbus Life tubes, with an i.s.p and custom seat post topper. The frame isa compact, light and responsive, a match for John’s natural talent for climbing steep roads – something we have in abundance in the Peak. The custom stem is built with a stainless steel bearing top cap, integrating smoothly with the headset and headtube, lettings us flow the colour from stem to frame – this is part of our eye on details where we look to simplify & tidy up rather than complicate.

A rich & classy paint design inspired by Dazzle Camouflage, with neon stripes and accents popping against the deep rich purple of the frame. Every Field Cycles frame is painted with the same fastidious attention to detail as this one John has painted for himself.

More photos in the gallery, shot at the top of a Peak District climb on a particularly windy day back in December.

Field X ENVE Track bike

March 22nd 2014

It’s not everyday you’re asked by ENVE Composites to build something special for their show stand at the Berliner Fahrradschau. With a shared passion for absolute quality and attention to detail, it’s exactly the kind of project we love to take on. The bike we created puts Field in the company of some of the most unique, beautiful and sort after bicycle makers in the world that ENVE have chosen to promote on their show stands in the past. We jumped at the chance to make something that shows off the unique frames we build.

With a similar build to Garreth’s Single fixed, but with an ENVE carbon seat post replacing the i.s.p this super stiff frame is built for performance, it excels racing through the city or around the steep banks of the track. Materials are a mix of Reynolds 853/631 and Columbus Life, with the use of a Tandem ‘boom-tube’ as the top tube to create a super stiff and precise handling frameset. The profile of this tube requires painstaking mitering and faultless fillet brazing to produce the sculpted and seamless transitions we craft. The oversized tubes provide us with a perfect canvas to indulge ourselves with another of the vibrant paint designs we’re known for.

Built up using ENVE’s incredible carbon rims and a unique Goldtec prototype stainless hub set, the super stiff ride qualities of the frame translate through the whole bike and leave nothing but a grin on your face.

More photos in the gallery, shot on location in one of Sheffield’s more eccentric landmarks.

XC 29er

January 16th 2014

This XC 29er was designed and built for a customer who wanted to make local trails interesting again. After a good few years of ploughing through obstacles on a full sus trail bike, there was a desire to return to the simplicity of a fully rigid bike and rediscover the skill of picking lines through the Peak. The first ride report was ‘fully rigid makes you pay attention!’

At the heart of the bike is a fast and zingy steel frame paired with a tapered full carbon fork. The simplicity of a fully rigid bike gives you direct and precise handling and the result is a compact, light and nimble XC bike.

The frame is fillet brazed with a Reynolds 853 front triangle, 44 mm i.d head tube. The Deddiccaiccai 9er Sero Uno chain stays with their new, more bendy shape, provide more clearance and work beautifully alongside custom bent Columbus Life seatstays. Stainless steel paragon machine works dropouts and a fillet brazed stem bring the frame together.

We went for a matte clear coat, making the frameset colours super saturated and vibrant on even the dullest of Yorkshire days.

More photos in the gallery

Garreth’s Single fixed bike

January 1st 2014

Garreth’s bike is a really good example of the unique contemporary steel bikes we love to build. He encouraged us to exercise our collective skill and imagination across the design, fabrication and paintwork of his frameset. He left us to create something bespoke to his needs, trusting that what he got back would be his go to bike for the streets of Bristol.

We worked some unique features into this build; the most inventive is the top tube, starting life as a Reynolds oval Tandem boom tube, calling for some tricky mitering. The fillets were painstakingly filed and polished giving the frame seamless and sculpted tube junctions. At first glance looking more like a carbon frameset, but on closer inspection the lustre of the brushed stainless details confirm the frame’s steel heart.

We shot this bike on the road that bisects the huge Forgemasters site. A Sheffield company in its third century, regarded as the oldest steel business in the world. They still remain at the forefront of casting and forging steel for heavy engineering… producing the heaviest castings on Earth up to 350 tonnes!

We’re proud to play a lightweight part in Sheffield’s innovative steel working legacy.

More photos in the gallery

Takashi's frameset
a modern steel race bike

August 21st 2013

This is the first of our bikes in Japan, built up as a fast race bike for Takashi’s local mountainous roads. It features a compact reynolds 853 front triangle, Columbus Life chainstays and our custom shaped S bend seatstays. Up front the oversized 44mm i.d headtube with our investment cast bronze headbadge makes a seamless front end when married to the ENVE composites 1.0 fork.

The paint is our most complex to date, Immaculately and painstakingly applied across the frame, fork and Cinelli integrated bars and it’s come out a treat. Inspired by snow capped peaks and alpine landscape, with a nod to the dazzle camouflage.

More photos in the gallery

Cross/Classics Frame Set

June 17th 2013

Inspired by the functional ‘specials’ that get invented for the unique conditions of Paris Roubaix, this frame features a mix of cross and road geometry, with clearances for 35mm cross tyres. It comes into it’s own on the poorly maintained, rough potholed surfaces which punctuate our roads. The unique ride of steel combined with large volume tyres make for a fast, durable and comfortable bike.

Built with an integrated seatpost with a simple seatpost topper which gives +/- 30mm saddle height adjustment. the seat tube / top tube joint is sleeved for extra reinforcement over the rough terrain, and built to stand up to cyclocross use.

This bike also featured in issue 10 of Cyclist magazine.

More photos in the gallery

The fillet brazed stem is painted to match the frameset, the machined steerer collar flairs on the bottom edge so the stem fits up nicely to the headset, a small example of the attention to detail that goes in to all of our bikes. On the front of the stem is the luxurious detail of a highly polished stainless steel ‘field’ braze-on.

— Fillet brazed construction
— Reynolds 853 down tube and top tube
— 4130 Chromoly seat tube, seat post top and stem 
— Columbus Life S bend chain stays
— Custom Zona seat stays, custom shaped with a fabricated ‘x’ seat stay bridge
— C.N.C machined 44 mm i.d head tube made by us from Reynolds 631

Finished with a vibrant and extensive paint job designed by Tom our go-to graphics guy and painstakingly applied for another immaculate finish by Cromaworks.

The seat stays have been custom shaped and tied together with a fabricated ‘X’ bridge, made up from 4130 chromoly tubing

For sale

June 3rd 2013

An opportunity to own (if you have long legs) a Field Cycles single fixed prototype. Available as a complete bike or as frameset (frame, forks, stem and I.S.P top).

There is a small amount of adjustability on the saddle height as is, but it is possible to cut the i.s.p and use a short normal style seatpost with a standard seatpost collar if you need more adjustment on the saddle height (we can do this for you if you don’t want to do it yourself).

It is in tip-top condition not many miles on it. Have a look at more images of the bike in the gallery.

— fillet brazed construction
— 44mm I.D head tube is custom CNC machine from Reynolds 631
— Heavily shaped S bend seat stays  Columbus Zona custom formed by us.
— Columbus Zona chainstays
— 35mm o.d oversized integrated seat post. 4130 Chromoly
— 35mm o.d oversized top tube 4130 Chromoly 
— 38mm o.d oversized down tube 4130 Chromoly
— Carbon Forks Aluminium Steerer 
— Integrated headset top cap stem 4130 Chromoly

Geometry available here

A really time consuming and unique paint by Cromaworks, super bright fluro Red, not another on earth…

Zipp handlebars, Dura Ace cranks 170mm, USE track chainring 49T, Wheels - Mavic open pro rims, front hub - HOPE , rear hub - Vello Solo Xt disk conversion 19T. SRAM Force Brake callipers and Levers. Selle San Marco Zoncolan saddle. HOPE integral head set.

Complete bike — £2400 + delivery
Frameset — £1900 + delivery

Prototype 29er frameset

May 21st 2013

I am not sure if it’s my imagination or the brain region that deals with marketing kicking in, but it is the best riding and handling Mountain Bike I have thrown my leg over. It might just be the re invigoration that a new bike brings, or the fact that it has been built to fit me like a glove but I am really enjoying the fast and light steering on my local Peak District trails. It really helps when you’re picking your way up a rocky climb or through twisty single track - I am returning from my rides wearing a broader smile than usual!

 — Head angle 70
— Seat angle 73
— Fork length 450mm offset 54mm [trail 76mm]
— Chain stay length 440mm
— B.B height 300mm

More photos in the gallery

The frame is fillet-brazed construction, with a Reynolds 853 down tube and top tube. The integrated seat tube is plain gauge 0.8 wall 4130 Chromoly with a custom made seat post topper. The stem is fillet braze using 4130 Chromoly.

Rear triangle is made up of Columbus S bend chain stays and custom bent 4130 Chromoly seat stays.

The fork is built from 4130 Chromoly tubing; the custom made front and rear dropouts are C.N.C machined from 4130 Chromoly.

A little bit extravagant for a prototype but Cromaworks applied Tom’s design immaculately and we fitted one of our investment cast head badges on the headtube, the flecks of green on the bronze are verdigris patina. This is encouraged to develop in the traditional method with a certain bodily fluid!

Field cycles showcase at Made North

Wednesday 17th April - Saturday 27th April
Closing event and talk on Friday 26th April 6pm-8pm

The MADE NORTH Showcase looks at the world of bespoke bicycle frame building featuring the work of Field Cycles, a company that combines the skills of artisan manufacture with the bespoke production process. The exhibition features a range of Field Cycles framesets and components, all proudly hand made in Sheffield.

Spaces are limited for the talk on Friday 26th, so register quickly to make sure you get a place.

MADE NORTH is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 12.00am – 6pm & Saturday 11.00am to 4.00pm.

Click here for more information about the event and MADE NORTH.

Mario's cyclocross

January 29th 2013

Mario’s new disk equipped frame set. Reynolds 853 with a tapered 1/8″ – 1.5″ ENVE cross fork which looks huge when you get it out of the box, but it works well with one of our 44mm i.d head tubes, made from raw Reynolds 631 seamless Air hardening hot finished tube. we C.N.C machine them to the exact length we need.

The frame features immaculate paint work as always, by our in-house paint department CROMAWORKS with the ENVE cross fork painted up to match. We took care to include a few little finishing touches to complete this frame including a little scoop out of the seat stay bridge to trace the cyclocross tyre neatly, between custom shaped S – bend seat stays. An of course, one of our ‘Handmade in Sheffield’ bronze cast head badges took pride of place, mounted to the custom machined head tube.

More photos and images of the build in the gallery

Single fixed prototype

October 7th 2012

Designed as a single fixed road ‘trainer’ that was built by Harry to test out some new details: the 44mm I.D head tube is custom CNC machined by us from Reynolds 631 to have the right amount of material in it for a road frame. Heavily shaped S bend seat stays were fabricated in house using custom built tube former. The 35mm o.d oversized integrated seat post gives long ride comfort when combined with the S bend seat stays.

We went for Super high-viz for use in the approaching dull days and dark evenings of winter miles in the 

Peak District. Really fresh graphics by Tom and absolutely immaculate CROMAWORKS paint work by John.

More photos in the gallery

The stem has an integrated top bearing cover machined out of stainless steel to work perfectly with HOPE headsets. It makes for really smooth transition to the custom machined over-sized 47mm o.d head tube.

Custom made 44mm I.D integral headtubes

August 19th 2012

Custom lengths C.N.C machined out of Reynolds 631 seamless Air hardening hot finished tube. These are a really tricky machining job: long and thin walled = vibration. But these are spot on. We were able to get them down to the sort of weight that is a sensible option for a road frame. Any size up to a 200 mm long, which should be plenty big enough for even the tallest rider.

These integral 1/18″ head tubes will work with tapered fork steerers with the use of an external 1.5″ bottom cup, like the Hope one pictured left. They also look ‘right’ with a modern carbon fork crown.

The best bit — they will look tip top with our very special integrated headset top cap stems!

I.S.P seat post fixed gear frame

August 7th 2012

A Field Cycles frame with an integrated seat post, not sure if its any better or worse from a frame design point of view, they do feel nice to ride, good stiffness and a better road feel than an Aluminium seat post. Its less practical if you need to pack your bike up, but it does look very cool and clean. A definite benefit is you will never get the seat post stuck in the frame with corrosion!

This frame is built with Columbus Zona Tubes and the great Llewellyn – XL compact Lugs. Another incredible paint job by CROMAWORKS again.

More photos in the gallery

Edible track and bar stem combo

July 25th 2012

Thats all paint no stickers here, our CROMAWORKS paint just gets better and better - we’ve no idea how he does it so accurately. These we’re built using our custom jig, and available to order, with a range of angles and custom paint options, feel free to get in touch for more info.

Fixture-tron 8000

July 10th 2012

We’ve been busy recently building another custom jig, this time a fork fixture. We’ve spent a lot of time lately making the right tools to do the job. Its almost as rewarding as building a frame.

We’ve built it with plenty of room to get good access with the torch. It uses an Anvil bikes dummy axel to hold everything tightly in place and allows us to set the rake of the fork really accurately and quickly.

We sacrificed an old steel rule we had knocking about, its gone to a better place…

Fillet brazed stem with integrated top cap

June 27th 2012

Here’s one of our fillet brazed stems with a layer or two of paint. I am very in to the details, the stem bolts have been faced off on the lathe so they are a smooth and sharp as the rest of the stem. This features our super special integrated head set top cap. This stem is heading to our first international customer where it will be put to work on the roads of California.

We set aside the odd week to just build stems and our integrated track bars & stems. For more information regarding price, options, timescale and of course the endless possibilities of paint finish contact us.

The stripes and text below are all paint, no decals used so we can do any colours, completely custom.

Mario's track bike

June 12th 2012

Really happy with this one, a Field cycles team effort, built by Harry, super sharp graphics by Tom and immaculate paint work by John cromaworks. Mario’s track bike used a Columbus Zona tube set with Columbus Max fork and Cadenza over-sized lug set from Lewellyn Bikes to tie it all together. Built for single fixed road use with a brake hole in the Columbus Max fork crown to run a front brake.

It’s the first bike to feature one of our track bar and stem combos. The HOPE headset bearing cover is integrated into the stem steerer collar, all machined out of stainless steel for a super smooth transition and low stack. It’s also the first frame to have our freshly investment cast, bronze head badge adorn the head tube. We’re really looking forward to seeing the final build.

More photos in the gallery

Clear-coat fillet brazed stem

March 18th 2012

We’ve been busy working on a few fillet brazed Stems, making use of our custom jigs. The ones shown here is 110 mm long at -16 degrees featuring 1 1/8th and 31.8mm clamps to fit nice stiff oversized road bars. We make these stems to order, in any length and angle required, with custom paint to suit your bike, get in touch to find out more.

Bronze headbadge

February 17th 2012

We’ve been busy kicking off the year developing and fine tuning an investment cast headbadge design. It’s taken a lot of time, effort and trial and error but we finally have a badge we feel is worthy of adorning our steel frames.

Bronze headbadge

December 17th 2011

Investment cast Bronze Headbadge, first one poured. It still needs some refining. You never know exactly what will happen until you make the pattern, invest it and then pour one. Its a very involved process, but once working produces fantastic results. Going to do a sterling Silver one for special occasions. The two holes top and bottom will fit M2 cap heads, to fit up to the head tube.

You can see the sprue on the back still needs cutting off and fettling.

New tool

December 2nd 2011

It doesn’t need explaining really, Its a sort of ‘braze on finger’. its really simple and effective, a joy to use! The ‘finger’ applies just enough pressure to hold the item in place for brazing.

Dave's cross… he's furious

October 28th 2011

Dave’s new cross frame, ready for winter. Fillet brazed Columbus Zona. Covered in another immaculate paint job by CROMAWORKS. A top quality job using all paint, no decals were harmed in the production of this paint finish! Looking forward to seeing it covered in Yorkshire’s finest mud.

Jigatron 3000 – Brake bridge jig

August 7th 2011

Another custom field jig, to hold a brake bridge in exactly the right place for brazing.

Integrated bars and stem

August 1st 2011

Custom fillet brazed track bars and stem, with integrated stainless steel headset top cap, for use with a Hope headset. Custom paint, length and angle options available. Just mail us.

We build these using our custom stem Jig which is all surface ground and bob-on. A stainless collar is brazed on to the stem to replace the top cap of the headset. The collar is then machined to match the HOPE headset top cap its replacing. All the groves for the HOPE O rings are in there. Gives a really nice transition from stem to head tube, minimal and super clean.

Ralph's 10 more than 30 birthday bike

July 23rd 2011

Just finished work on Ralph’s birthday bike after a good few hours in the Uber shed (a great place to finish frames, no distractions) with the needle files. In hindsight I should have photographed the process of me doing the 40, drawing, chain drilling, filing, filing, more filing, a bit more filing… here’s some of the details. 

Track bars and stem combos

January 22nd 2011

I am getting set up to produce the integrated track bars and stems. I have been busy making a few custom fixtures to set them up quickly and accurately for brazing. Allowing me to set the bars up for specific head tube angles, so I can accurately set the pitch of the bars. Really fast and convenient to set up. This has made a fiddly job simple – speeding up and simplifying the production a little. The Taiwanese bike factories are bricking it!

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